Nursing Home Services

Why It's Important

When psychiatry’s tools are used appropriately, the nursing home setting has the potential to epitomize the delivery of medically appropriate, efficacious, and compassionate neuropsychiatric care.

Conversely, when psychiatry’s tools are used inappropriately—or when they are not used at all—there is a significant impact on the morbidity and mortality of nursing home residents, as well as an obvious deterioration in the "caring" milieu that should be the hallmark of any true nursing facility

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Why have psychiatric services on-site?

Too often psychiatric diagnosis are not made by a mental health professional for a long-term care resident. This can result in incorrect medication selection with poor outcome of treatment goals.

With correct diagnosis and treatment the quality of life for residents is more likely to be improved along with reducing the risk for hospitalization. Such outcomes result in a reduction of related costs to the facility.

Hennessee & Associates will relieve your house physician from having to directly manage behavioral health needs of your residents. In addition we reduce their liability associated with the use of psychotropic agents.

What We Do

In the long-term care setting this generally relates to disorders of cognition, behavior, thought, or mood.

This is the bread and butter of what we do. It is also something we strive to do well by always keeping in mind that more is not better, better is better. And, every decision is well documented so as to provide all the relevant information necessary to all involved, including State and other regulatory bodies.

We work closely with you Pharmacy Consultant to ensure that all psychotropics are either documented as appropriate and necessary, adjusted to the lowest therapeutic level, or tapered to discontinuation.

We can assist in many forms of independent mental health evaluations.

We often assist facility staff in the development of individualized treatment planning involving specific behavioral interventions and modalities, so as to reduce use of medication interventions whenever possible.

We can assist with the training of facility staff in the areas of mental health. One frequently requested topic: “How to Manage the Aggressive Patient”.

Our Services are Currently Provided in the Following Areas



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Our Long Term Care Providers

Dr. Hennesee

J Hennessee, MD

Dr. Hennessee is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and provides clinical support for our nursing facility providers.

Kelvin Hunter, LCSW

Kelvin Hunter, LCSW

"KC" Hunter manages our nursing home services, from recruitment of new providers to identifying facilities in need of psychiatric medication management services.

JoAnna Smith, NP-C

JoAnna Smith, NP-C

"Anna" visits facilities in Oklahoma to help residents with problems with their depression, anxiety and other psychiatric needs. ​

Ashley Mathias, NP-C

visits facilities in Oklahoma and Kansas to help residents with problems with their depression, anxiety and other psychiatric needs.

If your facility is in need of a licensed clinical “talk” therapist to work with residents we highly recommend Community Pathways Unlimited.

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